Hulk vs Venom explained

Have you ever thought who is more stronger Hulk or Venom? It will be interesting to see Hulk vs Venom and It is not just any Hulk or any Venom. It’s Hulk from the MCU this big, raging monster and Venom from the Insomniac universe. Today we are going to take a look at their Strength, Speed, Durability and Power. To find out who’s ultimately Stronger and powerful in between Hulk vs Venom.

strength & power

Hulk strength

So starting out let’s take a look at their strength and power and yes Hulk is crazy strong that’s kind of his whole thing. He is stronger than Thor even if Thor doesn’t really want to admit, it takes two hands for Thor to just catch one of Hulk’s punches and you can’t say the same in reverse. Hulk was regularly sending Thor flying all around smashing up him and his brother(Loki). Thor wasn’t the only guy Hulk has sent flying. I mean just ask Ultron how hard Hulk can hit, just ask Abomination what it’s like to tangle with the Hulk. He regularly fought against the military and smash up all their equipment, all their trucks and their tanks and weapons and everything.

He straight up yielded Emil Blonsky straight across the yard like holy crap. Hulk will just straight up kill a guy. He’s got absolutely no chill imagine that with Spider-Man here, Peter is swinging around right in the middle of a Jolly Green, Giant joke then Hulk just freaking obliterates him punches him straight into a tree and breaks every bone in his body. I mean just look at the way that Hulk completely decked a big old giant Leviathan(CHITAURI). He did that with just one punch and the thing is it’s actually pretty consistent for Hulk to do stuff like this. I mean just ask Surtur just look at how he was messing around with other leviathans in the same fight.

incredible hulk

venom Strength

Venom is definitely strong too. No question about it and he got stronger and stronger throughout the game as he became more and more unhinged. I mean starting out Harry as Agent Venom was able to easily beat Kraven in a fight. Peter in the Venom Suit was able to stop an even more powerful lizard then finally Harry as the true Venom managed to straight up kill kraven. Who had already managed to kill a ton of super villains already then in his fight against the two Spider-Man.

Well Venom was always able to over powered them. And showed that he was stronger than both of them combined. And these two Spider-Man are plenty powerful on their own. Like Peter’s been able to hold up a massive construction tower crane that appears to be up to a 100 stories tall before being knocked off the building by a helicopter.

venom kill kraven

Miles is able to pull two massive sections of a bridge together Then finally Spider-Man is even able to swing around and kick water tanks. Which those things completely filled can weigh up to 100 tons and Peter is just casually throwing them around. Yet Venom still managed to overpower both of them throughout the fight. It made it look easy still Hulk is stronger. No question about it fighting Thor, overpowering Thor. Remember Thor can do stuff like surviving after hitting by neutron star. But of course decking Surtur all that’s definitely more impressive than fighting Spider-Man. Hulk takes the edge.


Hulk vs Venom durability

And on top of that well Hulk is insanely Durable. I mean sure he might have had a low showing against Thanos. But I think that’s actually just a lot more impressive for Thanos. Shows just how powerful Thanos is rather than showing just how weak MCU Hulk is. I also think there’s an element of bad writing here that kind of skewed our perspective. Like let’s say that Thanos still beat the absolute crap out of the Hulk still knocked Hulk out exactly like he did.

All that still happens but then Hulk explodes out of Hulkbuster at the end of the movie. Like he was supposed to absolutely bodies call obsidian then fights against Thanos. again and does better the second time around I’m not even saying wins the fight just does better.

incredible hulk vs venom
Hulk has Edge

Don’t you think we’d all give a little more grace to Hulk for losing to Thanos the first time. Instead we got this. We somehow ended up here and since this was the last time. We really saw Hulk like actually being the Hulk left a different impression. Cause yeah like I said don’t let this one thing fool you. Hulk is crazy tough he’s taking ton of attacks from Thor, taking ton of attacks from Abomination. He took a ton of attacks from Hulkbuster. Acted like none of them really even bothered him that much dazed him a little bit sure. But nowhere close to actually putting him down. I mean even these attacks from Thor when he was tapping into his true godhood like Straight up divine power Hulk was back at it. Hulk technically knocked Thor out in that fight.

He fell from miles up in the air and crash landed was knocked out but still survived. was rammed through like 50 floors had a skyscraper crashed down on top of him. He was only knocked out by a sucker punch. so yeah I don’t think I’m exaggerating here. I want to make sure my point is clear Hulk is really durable. It’s going to be really hard to injure him.

venom’s durability

Of course, it’s going to be real hard to injure. This version of Venom too. Venom easily scales above pretty much every other hero or villain in the Insomniac universe. And can take attacks from all of them. No problem, like from the looks of how his fight was going with the two Spider-Man. Venom could have kept on going for forever and not gone down. They weren’t doing anything against him. And on top of that this version of Venom is essentially immune to some of his weaknesses in the past. Like he’s able to walk through fire. No problem, something that would have destroyed the Symbiote in the comics.

He’s also a lot more durable to high frequencies and Sonic attacks. Although they can still hurt him. But the only guaranteed way to put him down is by using Antivenom a weakness that the game had to basically create as a McGuffin to beat him. Cause this Venom was just so tough. Still durability goes to the Hulk. Cause it’s the Hulk but there are a lot of other powers that venom has here that Hulk doesn’t.

Venom can host Hulk

Like for starters, it’s got some incredible regenerative ability. It can quickly heal from almost any injury that it takes. Venom can shape shift creating all sorts of different weapons or tentacles or tendrils throughout a fight. Even creating Wings in order to fly around. It can quickly produce new symbiotes or to help it in a fight or convert others to its side.

Venom even spread across most of New York’s City, nearly took over the city just a few days of this power to spread out and infect everything and everyone around him. And finally one of the things that’s unique about Venom what makes him so incredibly dangerous to someone like the Hulk is that it can match onto a new host whenever it wants to and take over and what it’s most looking for is negative emotions so like anger and rage which is kind of the Hulk’s inside.


So who’s ultimately coming out on top here. I mean, Who is more stronger in between Hulk vs Venom. Who is going to win it all. Well even with how physically powerful we’ve said Venom is. Hulk still outclasses him and in a long drawn out fight Hulk is going to be able to hold that Advantage especially if he starts using powerful thunderclaps. And notices that that seriously affects Venom which it will Hulk’s thunderclaps are very powerful. But there is also always the possibility that Venom notices Hulk’s rage and observes his power and tries to take over him. Knowing that Hulk would be the perfect new host

and from what we’ve seen. Hulk really has no known way to fight against this. He’s not immune to mind control. He is not imperious to someone completely taking over him. In fact the exact opposite, Scarlet witch got into his mind and just caused him to wreck havoc. It is possible Venom could just straight up take over him and that be that however I still favor The Hulk and say that with his amazing power he could put Venom down before that happens.

Hulk can do some serious damage to Venom with his thunderclaps. And as soon as that’s discovered it’s game over and until then Hulk will also be able to overpower Venom and keep him at Bay with his strength so that Venom never really gets the chance to completely take over. Hulk wins, I’m not even convinced it’s that close. But what do you all think. I know you are going to have thoughts and feelings about Hulk Vs Venom on this one for sure you stuck around this long and made it to the end.