Strongest what if characters

What if has shown us the unlimited and infinite potential out there in the MCU Multiverse. And all the many many heroes and villains that exist out there. Today we are going to take a look strongest what if characters. Alternate versions of characters we all love. we explore the most powerful what if series characters and ponder their true potential. So let’s get into it.

#10 Hank Pym

Hank pym with his yellow suit

Hank Pym appeared in the Season 1 episode 3 with yellow suit. Hank Pym was the original Ant-Man and inventor of the Pym particles in this universe. Well we get to see what it would have looked like if it was him not Scott Lang who joined the Avengers became a founding member. He has basically the same Powers as Scott. The ability to shrink down to microscopic sizes, The ability to communicate with and command all the insects around him. He is actually a pretty decent fighter and hero.

Meanwhile Scott fought against Thanos and Hank fought against Ego was actually crucial to defeating ego. This alternate Hank Pym took viewers on a chilling journey. His mastery of Pym Particles allowed him to orchestrate a shocking defeat of the original Avengers. A feat no other villain had achieved seeing him dismantle the team piece by piece was a testament to his strategic brilliance and technological powers

#9 Erik Killmonger

what if Kill monger with his suit

Killmonger was both a prince of Wakanda and United States Navy SEAL. Who sought to start a war between Wakanda and the US. He demonstrated his cunning by successfully manipulating both Wakanda and the US into conflict. This strategic victory showcases his potential leaving one to wonder how he might have wielded the Infinity Stones with that he easily defeated Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

He managed to kill his cousin Black Panther and trick and betray Iron Man as well as he is one of the world’s greatest Fighters able to carry out any assassination of ease fight against anyone. Even easily dismantle Iron Man drones when he took the heart-shaped herb. He became even more powerful and got superhuman strength, speed and durability. But I think killmonger’s greatest ability is just his cunning and trickery. Even as a member of the Guardians of the Multiverse. He was able to temporarily take Infinity ultron’s armor and use the six Infinity Stones for his own gain. This means he is atleast a universal level threat.

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#8 Kahori

Kahori with her powers

Kahori the newest addition to the Marvel. Kahori was just an ordinary young woman, until her Village was raided. And She fell into the Tesseract filled Waters in The Forbidden Lake. This transported her to the sky world where she gained some truly incredible powers and abilities. She absorbed energy and power from the space Stone meaning that Kahori can now basically channel that cosmic energy any way that she wants. She can move at superhuman speed, manipulate objects in the air and control their movements. Even Instantly create portals to anywhere in the Multiverse and send people through these portals with just a thought. She easily removed Killmonger’s Infinity suit leaving him powerless. She represents a new kind of hero whose strength comes from a complex blend of factors

#7 Peter Quill

Angry Peter Quill

Peter Quill is not just a kid from Mussorie. But he is also the son of Ego making him a Celestial human hybrid. He was born in order to help ego with the expansion. Basically taking over the entire universe and because of that well Peter has some amazing Celestial powers. Seriously for all intents and purposes. He appears to be just as powerful as his dad and could really be unstoppable. If he wants to be it’s just that One Peter is still just a kid. And 2nd Peter doesn’t really want to fight everyone. So I don’t think we get to see the true extent of his powers. This is the reason to including into strongest what if characters.

The celestial invader forged from the celestial essence and human resilience. Peter boasts astonishing endurance across the cosmos. He has weathered assaults from diverse cosmic armies on countless planets. Even Earth’s Avengers couldn’t contain Peter’s celestial. Might he withstood their combined onslaught a feat that speaks volumes of his power.

#6 Hela – the goddess of life

Queen Hela is the Asgardian goddess of the death was originally hellbent on Conquering the cosmos alongside Odin. However Odin was a bit disturbed by her blood lust so he depowered her and sent her to Earth to learn Mercy. And She did along the way. She also gained the ability of air manipulation. So with those new powers and some new friends well she was able to fight against her father Odin and actually ended up beating him. But showed him mercy. So hela’s old Powers were restored with her new friends and abilities. This version of Hela easily overpowered the All Father Odin becoming the goddess of life. While she set out to liberate anyone under oppression throughout the Universe.This Hela exhibits strategic thinking and leadership powers. She unites Asgard under her banner forging alliances and building a formidable force that surpasses Odin.

#5 ego the celestial

EGO in his mission

Ego is a powerful Celestial in his pursuit of purpose well. He figured the ultimate purpose would be to just transform the rest of the universe into extensions of himself that’s what he set out to do calling it The expansion. Ego is for all intents and purposes a God and man does that show he was able to easily take on The Avengers including Thor. And deal with them like it was nothing. He also took over the nine Realms. Even when he was beaten by Peter. It was only an extension of himself that was beaten and not the real ego.

Ego the celestial, while he does not display the full universe spanning power. His unique form and capabilities in this alternate reality still present a formidable threat. He exhibits control over various cosmic force. For example Manipulating gravity, creating illusions and even summoning celestial clones to attack his enemies. Due to his celestial nature and ongoing growth. he possesses the potential to become a universe altering threat.


#4 Captain Carter

Captain carter as peggy

When Steve Rogers was not able to take the Super Soldier serum himself. Becky carter stepped up in his place. And becoming Captain Carter the ultimate Soldier. Just like Captain America, Captain Carter is super humanly strong, fast & tough. She’s a world class fighter and a menace with her vibranium Shield. However the version of Captain Carter. When she fought against Doctor strange and so she gained Infinity ultron’s armor and all six Infinity Stones, Hela’s helmet and her power and a Gamma powered sword that’s when she just leaped up in power became one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse.Off course compared to the likes of Ultron or even strange Captain Carter didn’t really use all this power that creatively and mostly just resorted to firing out energy blast or still trying to fight hand to hand.

#3 Strange Supreme

Evil Strange

Strange Supreme unlike his movie counterpart this version of Doctor Strange dedicated centuries to honing his magical skills. Absorbing the mystical energy of countless powerful beings. His mastery allows him to confront even those wielding Infinity Stones. We saw this in his confrontation with Infinity Ultron. He has successfully subdued universe altering threats like Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, Kill Monger with his stolen stones and even the formidable Hella. He even fought toe to toe with Kahori and Captain Carter. Who was wielding both Infinity Stones and a multitude of magical artifacts at that time. This further reinforces his extraordinary power.

According to me, As a marvel fan. I believe the Strongest and powerful characters among what if series is Doctor strange supreme.

#2 Infinity Ultron

Infinity Ultron is no doubt the strongest villain in the whole show. And maybe even the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe wielding the Infinity Stones and Vision’s advanced synthetic body. This formidable combination allowed him to easily overcome Thanos the Mad Titan himself. He held his own against a coalition of powerful heroes Even a strange Supreme. He even challenged the Mighty Watcher himself. His near victory against such formidable opponents solidifies him as a significant threat within the multiverse.

#1 the watcher

watcher vs infinity ultron

The Watcher is a fifth-dimensional being who observes the Multiverse from the Nexus of all realities and is easily one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse now. While he has sworn an oath of never intervening only watching. The Watcher does have to throw some hands well watch out he’s a cosmic being of nearly unlimited power and potential. He’s got immense pretty much Godlike powers and abilities. The Watcher is easily one of the mightiest beings in the Multiverse.

The Watcher’s powers stems from pure cosmic awareness. He subtly guides events assembling a team to combat threats like Infinity Ultron demonstrating his masterful, manipulation of timelines and destinies so for these reasons we rank the watcher as the strongest characters in the what if series

I hope you enjoy this strongest what if characters in mcu and I know as a marvel Fan. It is very tough task to create strongest characters list according to their powers in what if series. Well what do you think, what should be our next rankings comment below.