Adamantium vs Vibranium : Marvel’s Strongest Metal Explained

Vibranium and Adamantium are both depicted as the strongest metals in the Marvel Universe with numerous applications. And we have also witnessed multiple characters confronting each other using either of the two. So in that case, why the confusion? Isn’t it obvious that the Victor’s choice of metal is the strongest? Well actually not the word strong in this case is not really an objective statement, as there are certain aspects like density, durability, molecular stability. And the like that should all be taken into consideration before arriving at any sort of conclusion. So in today’s versus series. We will be talking about one of the most debatable topics in the world of comics: vibranium vs Adamantium. So hold on to your science books. As we will be delving into some quite nerdy stuff to make some logical comparisons between the two metals.

what is adamantium

What is adamantium, According to Marvel’s story Hercules the Greek demigod once wielded an enchanted golden mace which was made of adamantine. And inspired by the mythology which also stated that golden maze to be indestructible.


Research scientist and metallurgist Dr Myron McLean sought to develop the alloy for the United States government during World War II. It was initially planned to use the alloy as an indestructible tank armor. And Dr Myron began experimenting with steel vibranium and an unknown Catalyst. During this process, he fell asleep in his lab. And the metals he used to create the indestructible alloy fused together. And somehow bonded. It worked & took the form of a disc which was later modified into the iconic Shield of Captain America. This version of Adamantium was known as Proto-adimantium.

True adamantium or Primary adamantium

However the exact proportions of the formula was Unknown by Dr Myron. And despite several attempts to recreate the alloy. He failed numerous times. He later managed to duplicate the alloy but this time it was without the use of vibranium. This version was known as True adamantium or Primary adamantium. It was all almost as strong as Captain America’s shield. True adamantium was the one that was infused with Wolverine’s skeleton and made him indestructible. The formula was Top Secret in the U.S government. And was nearly indestructible. The alloy could only be manipulated in liquid form. And once it solidified, it could never be manipulated again.

Secondary Adamantium or Adamantium steel

Although the formula was revealed and known to the US government on numerous occasions. the alloy was stated to be highly expensive. In Wolverine Origins, it was stated to be almost 5 million dollars per pound. Owing to this various scientists and metallurgists tried creating a cost-effective alloy similar to True adamantium. And they ended up making a similar alloy which they named Secondary Adamantium or Adamantium steel.

Secondary adamantium was much stronger than Titanium and resistant to most damages. Apart from raw isolated forms. There is yet another version of adamantium which is known as Adamantium beta. This version was actually the adamantium inside Wolverine whose molecular Arrangement altered owing to his mutant abilities. There are many other versions of this alloy from different realities with their own unique different names so some are not as strong as true adamantium while some others have unique properties of being malleable foreign

What is Vibranium

Vibranium was a rare mysterious ore which according to scientists on Earth was extraterrestrial in origin. The Ore was later found on the planet Torfa by Captain Marvel who affirmed the theories of the scientists. There were numerous other planets where vibranium was found. But they were all exhausted leaving Earth and Torfa as the only sources for the ore in the Milky Way galaxy. Vibranium was later classified in five different varieties out of which, three were known. There were Wakandan Vibranium, Antarctic vibranium and the man-made Reverbium.

Wakandan Vibranium

Earth’s history of vibranium began after a meteorite collided on its surface. It struck the small African nation of wakanda a million years ago. One of the resident tribes led by Olumo bashenga investigated the site of the meteor crash and was stunned at the nature of the material. It was shown to be vibrating on its own. They decided to force the material into weapons but the radiation from the material turned some of the tribesmen insane.

They were named the demon Spirits their leader Bashenga who was also their Greatest Warrior prey to the panther God Bast to Grant him the strength to defeat the demon Spirits thereby becoming the first black panther peace was restored. While the vibranium’s radiation permeated through the wakandan soil thereby mutating the Flora and Fauna. One of them was a heart-shaped herb eaten by the Black Panther cult. And the Flesh of white Apes consumed by the members of the white gorilla cult compared to wakandan vibranium, the Antarctic vibradium also known as anti-metal,also known as vibranium B, also known as Savage land vibranium at exactly opposite properties.


It could emanate vibrations which could weaken the atomic and molecular Bonds in nearby Metals resulting in the liquefication of the solid Metals. It could also produce protective counter vibrations capable of throwing off Sonic attacks. This version of vibranium could also create interdimensional portals which could be used to travel to alternate realities.

Lately there was also Reverbium the version of vibranium that was synthetically created by  Sajani Jaffrey. The ambitious, ruthless greedy and rude co-worker of Peter Parker at Horizon Labs. Instead of absorbing kinetic energy.

It did the exact opposite by pushing it away this made reverbium a powerful weapon even in small amounts. Most of this version was destroyed owing to the risks after Hobgoblin along with Kingpin who planned on weaponizing it. So Johnny kept some of it a secret until it abruptly got destroyed.

adamantium vs vibranium: which is the stronger metal?

Adamantium vs vibranium which is the stronger metal with all those introductory ideas about vibranium and Advantium the comparison has reached further away from the conclusion. The different versions of each of the substances further widens the great region of discussion. vibranium vs adamantium, Both has similarity but we have conclude which has more potential to become future’s strongest weapon.


To start with, We can focus on the quantity of matter contained per volume of the substance from the destructive properties of vibranium. It is certainly less dense than adamantium. It is light and the intrinsic property of the material to vibrate. And absorb powerful blows has been stated as its ability to transform the energy into vibrational kinetic energy, molecules and atoms in general have vibrational kinetic energy.

But holding that into account vibranium’s capability to withstand Ultra powerful blows exhibits that its molecules are gaining enormous amounts of kinetic energy. Thus to vibrate at such amplitudes it needs to have sufficient intermolecular space. Thereby justifying its low density when it comes to bouncing off the objects. Captain America’s shield has exhibited perfect elastic Collision in which momentum and kinetic energies are conserved. Therefore since, its mass is constant. The conservation of kinetic energy is maintained by tremendous vibrations of the molecules.

However this does bring us to the question as to how the material is so resilient. Even after being low in density. But that is simple science fiction comparatively adamantium has been stated to be highly dense which explains why Wolverine is only five foot three inches in height. But weighs over 300 pounds.


Equating the two with respect to durability. The two have showcased a magnificent extent of durability. Living aside the instance from Avengers end game Captain America’s shield has been destroyed five times in the comics. In Marvel Superhero Secret Wars issue 12. We see Dr Doom obtaining the powers of the Beyonder and destroying the shield. Following this Infinity Gauntlet Issue 4 showcase Thanos destroying it. Next it was molecule Man in Avengers vol 1 issue 215 and lastly Thor wielding Odin force in Avengers vol 3 issue number 63.

On the other hand True adamantium or the adamantium that we are familiar with has showcased different instances of resisting powerful blows. For example in Avengers volume 1 issue number 66 when Thor used all his might and struck an adamantium cylinder with mjolnir. It gave a dent and later in Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars issue 12. When Hulk punched the adamantium built Ultron, it created a slight Dent.

However, that is not enough to conclude on the durability test as the extent of the power level endured by each of the metals is different. The case is completely different from Antarctic vibranium, as it can liquefy adamantium beta, the one present in Wolverine’s skeleton, which has been shown to withstand the heat produced by nuclear blasts as well.


In terms of Versatility, Adamantium has no such instances of being used in any other form other than an indestructible metal. As mentioned before Captain America’s shield is not pure vibranium but an amalgamation of other metals with it. The wakandan vibranium is not just a solid metal. It can be manipulated and used for many more purposes. The entire advancement of the high-tech nation of wakanda has been owing to vibranium.

The wakanda soldiers used weapons, Shields and many other gadgets from The Ore; Needless to say, its radiation created a plant that could grant superhuman abilities to its consumers. Thus when it comes to versatility there is no question that vibranium is way Superior to adamantium. keeping all that into account though we can conclude that overall vibranium is stronger than adamantium in totality.


Off the topic Marvel fans need to know this. Although the debate might upset fans in favor of adamantium it no longer matters Marvel has already introduced a new metal that is superior to both vibranium and adamantium revealed in December 2020 sword Volume 2 issue 1. This new metal is known as Mysterium. It all happened after sword was reformed under krakowan’s supervision while planning as to what might come next Commander Abigail Brandt assembled six mutants whose Powers could be used together to travel Beyond far Shore and safely into the white hot room.

A place known for serving as the afterlife and the base of operations for the Phoenix Force. This team was known as The six. And when they entered the white hot room they procured a precious metal which they named Mysterium. Now in terms of strength and durability mysterium is as strong as secondary adamantium. But there are a few more interesting attributes to make this metal unique and Superior. Firstly it can conduct electricity with nearly 100 efficiency, it barely conducted or retained any heat and could also rest resonate with magic using this against characters with magical powers is highly effective as it could negate all spells and Magic lastly it is also radiation proof.


And with all that we have finally concluded. And we hope you’ve liked our content. the debate between vibranium vs adamantium which is stronger has been going on for decades it’s been so consistent that we tend to forget metals like Uru and Dragonite. We are yet to see what impact mysterium is going to make in the Marvel Universe. but we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. let us know in the comment section below. what is your views and theories on adamantium vs vibranium.