Who is Kidpool ?

He is a young version of Deadpool armed with two lightsabers let’s get into the details and find out who is kidpool. He is the Wade Wilson of Earth 10330. Wade was a student at Xavier’s orphanage for troubled boys.

Walker scoble is rumored to play kidpool in Deadpool 3. So today I’m going to be explaining to you guys who kidpool is? and how he met Deadpool in the comics. firstly let’s go over his powers and abilities Kidpool possesses phenomenal hand-to-hand combat skills and weaponry skills so far he only has these two lightsabers stolen from the Danger room.

During class, Wade gave Scott Summers a wedgie which resulted in both them being sent to the Dean’s office. The dean who was Mistress Storm. She was quick to give the duo detention as a punishment. Scott pleaded with storm not to give them detention because they would miss the dance that was later that day. But storm stuck to her decision as it was a way to make sure kidpool and his Antics wouldn’t ruin the dance.

the danger room

The boys were sent to serve out their detention in the danger room. While serving their detention in the danger room. Wade talked all kinds of trash to Summers about how he would put the smackdown on him. If the danger room was in combat mode, so Scott who had heard enough of kidpool smack talk led him in on the fact that he had the code to the danger room.

Scott took kidpool up on his Challenge and put the room into combat mode. Kidpool found two lightsabers to use as weapons and the two battled their battle eventually came to a halt as kidpool called a timeout.

He realized they could use the code to open the danger room and go to the dance Scott. Initially said no but Kidpol put the image of Logan hitting on Jean in his head and he caved and put in the code.

The two snuck their way to the dance where Scott saw Logan talking to Jean. Scott offered kidpol $20 to cause a distraction that would get Logan away from Jean. Of course, He was game to make a quick 20 bucks, so he hopped into action.

He climbed up on a table and began to cause a scene. He distraction worked so well. It led to Logan and some of his friends attacking kidpool. During the chaos Scott got the chance to talk to Jean. Although it didn’t go so well.

Kid-pool found himself cornered by a group of kids who wanted to beat the crap out of him. Storm heard the commotion and came in and broke things up.

kidpool meets deadpool

It was at that point everyone including the staff unloaded their frustrations on Wade wilson. He realizing that everyone there wanted him gone conceded and told them he would leave. Although he really had nowhere to go that’s when the main timeline Deadpool showed up in Grand fashion to recruit kidpol.

Deadpool exclaimed that Wade was needed to help save the Multiverse. And he was there to retrieve him. So Wade wilson from The Earth 10330 happily left with Deadpool to become a member of the Deadpool Corp. Well that’s the origin of kidpool and that’s a wrap for this.

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