The End of The DCEU

all dc heroes in one frame

With the release of Aquaman the lost kingdom the DCEU has officially come to an end and I am not going to lie. It has been nothing but a shit show. Flop after, flop after flop. DC has had it hard making movies compared to Marvel and here’s the thing I’m more of a DC … Read more

Who is Shelton Lyle in DC Comics

Heartless aka shelton lyle in dceu

Today we will discuss about Shelton lyle also known as Heatrtless. He made his first appearance in Nightwing volume 4 issue number 78. His path to becoming the serial killer, known as heartless was set in motion by the same event that sent Dick Grayson on his path to becoming Nightwing. Let’s get into it … Read more

Thor vs Aquaman : Who is stronger ?

who will win in between thor and Aquaman

Today we got Thor the Asgardian God of thunder taking and on the other hand Aquaman king of Atlantis holding Poseidon’s trident who is King of Atlantis. so comes on top well let’s find out who is stronger between Thor and Aquaman, In Short Thor vs Aquaman : Who is stronger Aquaman vs thor Thor … Read more

Aquaman 2 Trailer Hidden Details

Black Manta New power

Welcome back everyone DC just dropped the full trailer for Aquaman the lost kingdom it has a lot more footage so stay tuned and we will break it all Aquaman 2 Trailer Hidden Details in this. The most surprising thing in this trailer is definitely Aqua baby. I can not believe, They are doing Aqua … Read more

The Flash’s Rotten Tomatoes Score

Hello DCU fans , welcome back to Geekymarvel today i will share with you The Flash’s Rotten Tomatoes Score so lets start it. The Flash is my best movie to watch in theatres because we flash in only tv shows in which there are lots of episodes. But Recently the Flash movie was released so … Read more