VENOM 3 Release Date

Venom,spiderman and kraven

From a surprise announcement to the news of Tom Hardy returning for the third part, Here is the exciting update, Hardy revealed about Venom 3 release date. The ending of Far From Home showed us a more mature Peter Parker but that doesn’t mean the Spidey universe is gonna stop anytime soon and one of … Read more

Marvel strongest female characters in comics

Strongest females in marvel

If we see Marvel then we only male dominant characters which have so many powers and abilities but In Marvel there are so many Marvel strongest female characters, heroes, villains & even civilians. but so often they are either underrepresented or just straight up and dirty when it comes to their inclusion in the comics, … Read more

Hidden Powers of World War Hulk

Hulk roaring

What makes World war Hulk the strongest ? and is this just a catchphrase or should we interpret this saying more . Literally welcome back to GeekyMarvel. It’s me today we find out the answers to these questions and more as we count down the Hidden powers of world war Hulk . you never knew … Read more

The Marvels New Trailer Hidden Details


Welcome back everyone to GeekyMarvel .Big surprise, Marvel dropped The Marvels New Trailer in the middle of the night. So we’ll try to detached The Marvels New Trailer Hidden Details . There’s a bunch of new footage, bunch Easter eggs, We’re in the middle of secret invasion episodes. # SECRET INVASION POST CREDIT SCENES Secret … Read more