Who is Kidpool ?

deadpool 3

He is a young version of Deadpool armed with two lightsabers let’s get into the details and find out who is kidpool. He is the Wade Wilson of Earth 10330. Wade was a student at Xavier’s orphanage for troubled boys. Walker scoble is rumored to play kidpool in Deadpool 3. So today I’m going to … Read more

Strongest what if characters

Who is stronger in what if series

What if has shown us the unlimited and infinite potential out there in the MCU Multiverse. And all the many many heroes and villains that exist out there. Today we are going to take a look strongest what if characters. Alternate versions of characters we all love. we explore the most powerful what if series … Read more

Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Four Movie

Welcome back guys to geekymarvel . just reported that Marvel and Sony are actually thinking about doing Tobey Maguire Spider-Man four movie. It almost sounds unbelievable. Technically, they’d be finishing it because they got pretty far along in pre-production before they canceled that movie and rebooted into Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. we actually have a bunch … Read more

Weakness of Marvel Characters

Weakness Of Marvel Characters

Hey guys welcome back to here. I am here again with new stuff, Guys we all know that every character has some unique powers and some have great powers. but what if they are unbeatable so we get bored to watch them but every marvel characters has some weakness and today we will discuss about … Read more