Who is Kidpool ?

deadpool 3

He is a young version of Deadpool armed with two lightsabers let’s get into the details and find out who is kidpool. He is the Wade Wilson of Earth 10330. Wade was a student at Xavier’s orphanage for troubled boys. Walker scoble is rumored to play kidpool in Deadpool 3. So today I’m going to … Read more

Strongest variants of loki

Altenate versions of Loki

Diving into the vast expanse of the Multiverse we are about to embark on a journey through the Realms of Loki’s varied incarnations each wielding distinct abilities and character traits that redefine the god of Mischief across parallel Dimensions. As we know Loki had immense powers with time slip and many more, Today we will … Read more

Marvel Immortal Superheroes

Marvel Immortals characters in comics

There are so many Marvel immortal superheroes which have Immortal who can live for a very long time for instance Wolverine can heal quickly and does not not age much , Thor and Xu Wenwu etc. so today we will taking about Marvel Immortal superheroes who are almost impossible to kill. Marvel Immortal Superheroes Mr. … Read more

Rune King Thor : Powers & Abilities

rune king thor and phoenix thor

Thor one of the mightiest Avengers out. Rune Thor King is strongest Thor’s versions in comics, there really is one of the mightiest heroes period with Mjolnir by his side. He is lebeled mountains and planets battled against gods even under the likes of Galactus and Phoenix. Thor is truly a force to be reckoned … Read more