X -men Mutants Classification

Wolverine Jean grey Xmens

Classification of X men mutants based on their power levels have been a long-running idea for Marvel Comics. However the idea tagged along several doubts and needed clarification with it. How are different powers and abilities categorized into a list of how intense their powers are. And also what about mutants with more than one … Read more


X men tv show

Hey guys what’s up I hope you are all doing great. Welcome to the Geekymarvel where we talk about anything related to comic books if you clicked this article you are probably another X-Men fan like me who used to watch the ’90s Animated Series. But just in case you didn’t know them and Click … Read more

Hulk vs Venom explained

hulk versus venom

Have you ever thought who is more stronger Hulk or Venom? It will be interesting to see Hulk vs Venom and It is not just any Hulk or any Venom. It’s Hulk from the MCU this big, raging monster and Venom from the Insomniac universe. Today we are going to take a look at their … Read more


Kraven live action movie photo

Kraven the hunter is easily one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains. But how much do you know about him and who is he ? Kraven one of Spider-Man’s best villains craving the hunter. He is going to be appearing as one of the main villains of the Spider-Man 2 game for PS5. And getting his own … Read more

Cosmic Spider-Man: Origin, Powers, & Abilities in short

In today’s Article. We will cover possibly the most powerful Spider-Man (Cosmic Spider-Man). & Arguably strongest Marvel character ever and that would be Captain Universe. Yes even the good old Webhead once gained near Godlike powers that put him right up there with even the likes of watchman’s, Dr Manhattan. His story is a crazy … Read more

Who is Ravonna Renslayer? (MCU)

kang kiss Ravonna

Ravonna Renslayer is a character of the MCU in Disney plus show Loki. She is part of the TVA, She will be a main villain in Loki TV show. This will give you an basic idea of Who is Ravonna Renslayer ? Who is Ravonna Renslayer? Ravonna Renslayer was born a princess in the 40th … Read more