The End of The DCEU

With the release of Aquaman the lost kingdom the DCEU has officially come to an end and I am not going to lie. It has been nothing but a shit show. Flop after, flop after flop. DC has had it hard making movies compared to Marvel and here’s the thing I’m more of a DC fan than a Marvel fan but there is no way, I am defending Wonder Woman 1984 that movie was just atrocious anyway.


Today I want us to look back at their 10-year run and figure out where did they go wrong. Basically i mean to say How DCEU came to end. I am just going to cut to the chase here their biggest problem was trying to become the MCU. But can you blame them their biggest competitor being the MCU had been striving in the Cinematic side of things for 5 years now as by 2013 Marvel had already released movies like Iron Man, Captain America the First Avenger, Thor and Avengers.

Man of Steel

But yeah by 2013 Marvel had already released six projects and DC was yet to do anything but by the same year DC decided to drop Man of Steel and this movie get a lot of mix reactions from the audience and It made a lot of the comic books mad cause many claimed that the portrayal of Superman was not comic accurate saying that Superman would not have kill Zod.

Personally I prefer My Heroes to be Stone call Killers that’s why I am such a big fan of Ben affleck and Michael Keaton’s Batman because those are the two only Batmans that actually killed.

Batman versus Superman

but with the whole Superman thing I can’t speak much on that cause I am not much of a comic book reader. But I kind of get where they are coming from. So with Man of Steel doing so bad DC decided to double down. And In 2016 would announce that they are dropping Batman versus Superman which should have been an instant billion. Like with just the movie title you could have made so much money like you have Batman and Superman arguably the most popular heroes in the

entire world yet your movie still flopped. Like genuinely there was no way. They could have messed this up yet they did the move was supposed to come out in 2016. But Marvel announced that In 2016, they would be dropping Captain America Civil War which was arguably the most anticipated superhero movie of that year. And DC was pretty afraid to compete with Marvel.

Wonder Woman 1984

so they decided to pull their release date a year early being 2015 and man did this movie crash and burn. This movie flopped big time. I think it is the lowest rated DCU film in Rotten Tomatoes even lower than Wonder Woman 1984. And that’s saying a lot and here’s the thing,

I actually like this movie. But my opinion does not matter because millions and millions around the world did not like this movie. One of my favorite things in this movie was Ben Affleck Batman and Doomsday. And yes every time doomsday exploded the comic book nerded me was having an orgasm, this was just beautiful

And this movie arguably has the best Batman fight scene ever put to the Silver Screen. The warehouse fight scene is just unmatched and my favorite part about this is that Batman was actually unaliving people as he should. Things I did not like about this movie was that Henry cavill barely had any lines and the pacing in this film was just awful.

This movie had a lot of problems but the final nail in the coffin was

only reason Batman does not kill super Superman is because their mothers share the same name. Okay here’s a question for Batman what if he was lying to you I think any man who’s at the

brink of death would say anything not to die. It is just common sense then they call you the world’s greatest detective. Yeah even though the movie is bad. It did not stop them from introducing every single member of the Justice League. In possibly the laziest way ever with Wonder Woman just watching Secret videos of every member.

Suicide Squad

Even though Batman versus Superman flopped. It did not stop DC and a year later, they would give us Suicide Squad which I actually liked. It is probably that I haven’t seen it in like 5 years but can you blame me and here’s something else.

This is a hill I am willing to die so Suicide Squad flops marking the DCEU’s Third flop. Any reasonable Studio would have cut their losses and ended everything there but not DC baby Marvel was making gang money and they wanted a piece of that and

In 2017 we dropped their fourth movie being Wonder Woman which was actually their first ever success. Gal Gadot & Chris Pine were pretty amazing in this film and I actually really liked it.

To this day, I still think that DC is a fan of making bad movies cause the same year they decided to drop Joss Whedon Justice League and man did I hate this movie. So did you guys as we all know the movie was supposed to be directed by Zack Snyder. But he couldn’t finish the movie because of some family issues.

So for that DC decided to bring on Joss Whedon to finish the movie. And man, this movie was hot dog water. This movie was awful. It was atrocious. I genuinely hated this movie &. In a Last effort to save the movie. It was Data during interviews that this wasn’t Zack’s original idea but by doing that they unknowingly opened Pandora’s Box. They opened the gates of hell and released the hell spawn known as Snyder fans. Now since the cat was out of the bag.

Fans would want the original card of Zack Snyder Justice League which we would get later on. With Justice League flopping so bad, DC had to put in the work.

Aquaman was Still good in box office

In 2018, they gave us the Aquaman movie which made the DCEU their first ever and final billion at the box office. This movie did crazy numbers but it was still bad. But it gave them the morale boost they needed.

In 2018 they would give us SHAZAM which surprisingly also did very well. But I did not like it cause to this day. I still think that superhero movies should not be this goofy. Now they had two movies in a row doing good at the box office which was pretty strange for DCEU.

but it was well deserved then came around 2020 when the world Stood Still. So they decided to say you know what the world needs a chick flick. Thus they gave us The birth of prey. I watched this movie once and I hated it. And so did you guys Margot Robbie Harley quinn was pretty amazing but not even she could save this movie.

This was a dumpster fire then came. In 2021, The Darkest days of DCEU. Since everyone was stuck in doors. The Snyder fans took to the internet and began the hastag relase the Snyder cut. And I’m not going to lie I was actually part of that hashtag. Really guys this will be core reason of end of dceu era.

It still blows my mind to this day that we bullied an entire movie studio to to giving us the director’s cut of a movie. I absolutely enjoyed this movie but it was bittersweet. Zack Snyder Justice League introduced us to so many interesting Concepts that we never got to see again like the whole nightmare sequence and Superman turning evil. RIP Snyder verse but a miracle happened even though the studio was in the shit.

The gods gave them James gun and he gave us two of the best DCEU projects ever with The suicide squad and The Peacemaker which I absolutely loved. James gun was just the missing piece of the puzzle. From here on out it just gets bad. Black Adam flop, Shazam Fury of the Gods flop, The Flash which I absolutely loved flop,Blue Beetle flop and Now Aquaman is projected to make less than the Marvels which is beyond embarrassing.

I think DC should take their time to recuperate and leak their wounds cause man they did waste 10 years. Hopefully James gun Superman Legacy does well to Kickstart the new DCU Cinematic Universe all well, history repeat itself. I think these are reasons for the End of The DCEU.

Expecting with NEW Dc studios

Hopefully not cause it would be embarrassing if Superman Legacy flops like man of Steel. Anyways here’s a list of things I would love to see in the new DC Universe

better stories, better characters, better writing, better movies, A Batman who kills the Batman under the Red Hood storyline Roy Harper is arson and a dark and greedy Universe.

I think I’m not asking for much just the bare minimum of what DC should actually offer but regardless. I actually have hoping the new DC Universe. James gun is actually working on and I hope it actually does well hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself

but anyway guys if you enjoyed THANK YOU…..